Quench your thirst for adventure along the True Brew Path

Combine your passion for fresh beer with your taste for adventure and check out Hamilton Halton Brant's True Brew Path. Learn how our craft breweries have fast become a big part of our red-hot, culinary scene and taste the coolest artisanal beers of seven independent breweries. Here you'll join other beer enthusiasts tasting stouts, pilsners, ales and lagers and talk to Brew Masters about their signature craft beers. 

Why not combine your sipping with some sightseeing? We've collected a whole lot of great ideas for sightseeing stops, active adventures and tasty touring that are sure to surprise you. Explore the beauty of our region's stunning landscapes and waterfronts, experience our vibrant cultural scene, and find fabulous destination dining across Hamilton Halton Brant. Use our Getaways for Grown Ups itineraries for 5 great two-day trips featuring our craft breweries.

We're proud to have our True Brew Path named as one of the Ontario Greenbelt's 2017 Brewery Discovery Routes featuring a curated selection of 'must-sees' from our full list of recommended stops. 

For more trip inspiration, download our True Brew Path brochure or browse the flipbook. 




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