You don’t have to go it alone in Hamilton Halton Brant. Our experienced outfitters and organized tour experiences make it easier than ever to plan your next adventure with trip resources, friendly in-person advice and rental equipment. Whether you’re fly fishing, paddle dipping, waterfall walking, rock climbing or road tripping, your getaway will unfold with ease when you use the resources below.

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Grand River Rafting Company

The Canadiana Safari… An Interpretive Guided River Adventure

Guided Grand River Trips by Raft, Canoe and Kayak

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Grand River Rafting Company

The Lone Ranger… Paddle & Explore A River Map!

Explore the Grand River with 7 different types of boats!

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Grand River Rafting Company

The “All in One” … A Beginner Paddling Lesson & Trip

Canoe, kayak, stand up paddleboard lessons for beginners on the Grand River

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Grand River Rafting Company

Turbo Tubing… The Paddling Adventure For Everyone.

Grand River Turbo Tubing…. the armchair water adventure!

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Burlington Beach Rentals

Girlfriends Friday Retreat

Grand River Rafting Company

River Gift Certificates, Grand River Trips Ontario

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