Answer 5 quick questions for personalized trip ideas sure to float your boat

Standing up or sitting down? Calm, quiet currents or raucous rapids? Bonding with buddies or escaping from the pack? The great thing about planning a paddling adventure on the Grand River is that you really can design a day that’s a perfect match for your personality. The even better news is that it’s so close you can easily switch things up when you’re ready to try something new.

Keep track of your answers to the following questions and then read on for some trip ideas that reflect paddling adventures that we think you’ll adore.

Question 1:

If I had to listen to one radio station for the rest of my life I would pick:

  1. Classical music
  2. Top 40 hits
  3. Modern rock and alternative

Question 2:

A perfect Friday night for me is:

  1. Relaxing in front of a fire with a good book
  2. Going out to a restaurant with a big group of friends
  3. Finding something to do that I’ve never done before

Question 3:

If I’m in charge of picking the restaurant, it will likely be:

  1. Somewhere quiet and cozy where I can hear what my dining partner is saying
  2. A new place that has people buzzing where getting a table will be a serious score
  3. Some sort of cuisine that my friends may not have tried and will push them beyond their comfort zone

Question 4:

It’s Sunday afternoon and there is a choice of three movies on television. I choose:

  1. A River Runs Through It
  2. Grease
  3. The Fast and The Furious

Question 5:

If I had to perform community service to settle a speeding ticket, I would choose:

  1. Shelving library books
  2. Supervising a dance at a teen drop-in centre
  3. Repainting over graffiti off a highway bridge while suspended from a harness

What’s your paddling personality?

Answered mostly A’s?

You likely prefer adventures that are on the calm, cool and collected side of the equation. Here are some that we think will be right up your alley.

Take an hour and explore Brant Park via paddle board. Experience a tranquil float around the 3km lake while taking in the sounds and sights of nature.

Take in the Grand River’s beautiful scenery and wildlife on a guided trip. Experience the awe and excitement of the people who first traveled this far-flung and fascinating world. Bring a child-like curiosity and leave behind the list of to-do’s. As this creek sweeps you along enjoy the music of birdsong and dive into an experience no camera can capture. Enjoy a true guided eco-adventure, with a microbrewery side tour to complete the experience.

Peckish after your paddle? Enjoy dinner with a killer view of the Grand at Stillwaters! Plate and Pour or 2 Rivers Restaurant patio.

Answered mostly B’s?

You are a social butterfly. You like your leisure time with a healthy dose of fun and probably prefer to travel as a pack. Here are some paddling adventures that we think you’ll find worthy of some Instagram shares!

Grab your favourite group of pals and head out for a day of traditional one-person stand-up paddle boarding experience or try the new 8-person SUP, known as “The Beast” with Grand River Rafting that will leave the experiences offered at beaches and harbours in the dust. An inflatable board, paddle, lifejacket, group dry bag, map and a shuttle ride back upstream at the end of the day are all included in the package price. No time limit on your rental means you’ll have plenty of time to stop along the way to watch wildlife, spot natural springs and take a break at Grand River Rafting’s picnic and washroom site. You can even order a catered cookout that will be prepared for you once you arrive! Because the Grand River has an average depth of about 1 meter, this is a great route if you’ve got some non-swimmers in your group.

Grand Experiences’ Voyage of the Iroquois Experience is a five-hour trip that celebrates the Grand River’s rich First Nations history. Your “ride” for the day is a stable 12-passenger Voyageur canoe piloted by an expert guide. Halfway through the float your group will enjoy a guided hike exploring the Trail of the White Cedars. The trip culminates with a stop at Turtle Island, a small isolated island with an ancient hardwood amphitheatre. After a traditional Aboriginal greeting a Native storyteller will bring history to life with First Nations music, myths and legends.

Peckish after your paddle? You and your crew will enjoy dining at Sociable Kitchen + Tavern in Brantford or Camp 31 in Paris.

Answered mostly C’s?

Your perfect adventure includes an adrenalin rush. You don’t want to waste time having experiences that you’ve had before and are always on the lookout for something new to try. Here are some trip ideas that will give you the thrill you crave.

You don’t have to spend hours driving to find white-water adventures. Seasonal rains in the spring and fall get the Nith River, which empties into the Grand River in Paris, all worked up! Grand Experiences’ Mysterious Nith River Expedition is a two-day trip with an expert guide that will offer customized instruction to match your skill level, all your gear, accommodation and a warm campfire lunch.

Peckish after your paddle? Stop by Zander’s in Brantford and check out the restaurant’s great artwork, custom Harleys and unbelievable guitar chandelier.

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