Upright Aviation Academy

Climb aboard your very own stunt plane. No experience necessary!

Canada’s most extreme aviation attraction. Build your own experience whether you’re tackling your bucket list or living out a childhood fantasy, Upright Aviation provides a truly unique aviation adventure at a whole new level of adrenaline. At Upright Aviation, you’re not just a passenger on a joy ride, you are the pilot at the controls of your very own airshow aircraft, pulling Gs and flying a variety of aerobatic manoeuvres with our highly qualified, certified instructors with airshow, warbird and airline experience. With a variety of adventures to choose from, there is a perfect package that fits almost every taste and budget.

Thrill UFLY – $559.30 + tax – Fly with an airshow pilot and experience 15 min of aerobatics; including loops, rolls, hammerheads and inverted flight –  YOU will fly loops, rolls, hammerheads and tumbles, sure to max the adrenaline and bragging rights (NO FLIGHT EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!)

Thrill UFLY with Extended Tour – $799 +tax – Want to fly over the city for a tour before you start your Thrill 2 adventure? This is sure to be the flight of a lifetime with scenic views through Toronto or the beautiful escarpments and canyons throughout southern Ontario before 25 min of aerobatic flying, where you will take the controls!

Video and telemetry package available with 3 different camera views with our onboard cameras that will record the in cockpit audio.. You will receive 2 videos, one with cockpit audio and one with music synchronized to your aerobatic flight! Of course don’t forget about the amazing pictures that will come with this package that you can post on your social media, or printout to remember the bucket list day.

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