Thanks to its unique natural landscapes, including the Grand River, Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment, Hamilton Halton Brant attracts a diverse range of wildlife. The protection of these important Canadian residents offers visitors unique opportunities to get close to animals they may rarely get a chance to see.

Sites and Attractions

Mountsberg Conservation Area’s Raptor Centre
Have a nose-to-beak encounter with some of Ontario’s most stunning birds of prey including hawks, eagles, owls, vultures and falcons. While you’re there, check out the Wildlife Walkway and watch the herd of elk and bison that make their home here at play.
There’s a lot more than plants to see at RBG including bald eagles and their young eaglets that have made a home for themselves at Cootes Paradise. The George North and Marshwalk platforms on the north shore of Cootes Paradise provide the best opportunities to see the birds, with the nest located in the Hopkins Wood Special Protection Area along Spencer Creek. The RBG Fishway, located at the mouth of the Desjardins Canal, is the Great Lakes' first two-way fishway and carp barrier, and was designed to keep non-native carp out of Cootes while maintaining the flow of water and populations of native aquatic species.
African Lion Safari
In addition to being a favourite family outing, African Lion Safari maintains one of the most successful breeding programmes for Asian elephants in North America.
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