Legacy of the Grand River

Cutting across southern Ontario - from Dundalk, just west of Georgian Bay to Port Maitland on the north shore of Lake Erie - the Grand River is not only a strikingly geographical feature of Central Canada, but it is also historically important, economically vital and socially significant.

The river enjoys both a long natural history as well as an extensive cultural history that begins with the end of the last ice age. This series of twelve downloadable PDFs tells the story of the Grand River, including its geology, its history prior to the arrival of Europeans in the 1600's, as well as the significance of the region to the American Revolutionary Wars, the War of 1812 and the Industrial Revolution.

Natural History of the Grand
Native Nations - Pre-European Contact
New Settlers in Unsettled Times
Roots of the War of 1812
In the Midst of Conflict
Traitors and Treason in the War of 1812
On Land and Lake
The End Game - McArthur's Raid
Transforming the Grand River
Forging Ahead - Development of the Watershed
Shaping the Legacy of the Grand River

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