Canadian Heritage

Hamilton Halton Brant’s cities, towns, roads and routes have served as the stage for some of the most significant events in Canada’s history. Today, museums and preserved historic sites dot the landscape with an impressive range of interactive heritage programming taking place throughout the year. The stories of Canada’s war heroes, Aboriginal warriors, inventors and founding families await in Hamilton Halton Brant.

Canadian Military Heritage
Climb aboard Canada's most decorated war ship or take the controls of a CF-101 Voodoo jet. Your military heritage experience will put you in the centre of the action.  More>

Canada's Founding Families
Get a glimpse of early Canadian culture through costumed interpreters and interactive programming at our collections of historic homes and museums. More>

Canadian Innovation & Transportation
Explore the childhood home of the inventor of the telephone and the historic steam engines that positioned Hamilton as on of Canada's key industrial cities. More>

Canadian Sports & Landscapes
Celebrate some of the country's greatest players and plays at the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame or get active with a day hiking along the Niagara Escarpment or paddling down the Grand River. More>

First Nations Culture & Heritage 
Feel the pride as you become immersed in First Nations culture during a Pow Wow; listen to drums, see the dancers' colourful regalia and taste native cuisine. More>



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