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The Boar & Chick Veenstra Family Farm is a dream come true for our family! We have had a passion for local agriculture from a young age and to be able to farm like we do and to raise our children in this environment is a wonderful experience!

Our farm is inspired by the Traditional Family Farm. We want to grow and raise our animals in a socially responsible way. This includes: good, healthy, hormone free food, access to open spaces and sunlight, pasture to forage and explore and a calm, happy environment to raise their young.

We have seen one to two degrees of seperation between most people in Ontario and The Family Farm and so we have taken an open door policy in our operation. Do you have questions about pigs? The litter size, their diet, their brute strength and intelligence or anything else? Then you should contact us for a tour! We would be happy to share our little piece of heaven with just about anyone!

We promote a healthy natural diet including local fruits, vegetables and local naturally raised meat! Do your body good - know where your food comes from!


553 Hunter Rd
Hamilton, ON
L0R 2B0
(519) 647-0700




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