Winter Forest Bathing Discovery

Participants of this program will walk away feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and connected to nature. Spending time in the outdoors can be a very restorative experience, beneficial for living in today’s hectic world.

  • You will be guided through a series of activities that will have you using your senses, feeling the calming effects of the surrounding trees, as well as reaping the therapeutic benefits of laughter.
  • We will go on a rainbow walk that will have you looking at nature in a whole new way

This uplifting healing journey through the forest will have you feeling revived…connected with yourself, friends and nature!

Experience Details:

Join us in the Grand River Valley at the Five Oaks Centre, One Bethel Road, Paris, Ontario.


We will gather for introductions and outline of the itinerary of the experience. Your guide will go through an extensive safety talk and risk management. (10 minutes).

Wild Edibles Hike

Our experienced guides lead you through the forest of Five Oaks in an interactive way that will have you seeing the outdoors in a whole new light. The forest is alive in a different way during the winter season and we will investigate and discover what the winter woods has to offer. Explore the trail by identifying an array of trees, plants and birds along the way. Be treated to a taste of the abundance of winter wild edibles that nature has to offer. (30 minutes).

Senses Time Out

In this hectic world everyone needs a time out! We will take this time as your guide will put everything on hold for you, indulging in the surroundings using our senses. Soaking up the sights, sounds and smells of the forest by not talking, will help you unite with nature in a healing fashion. After an allotment time of silence, we will talk about our experience and what we sensed in the calm of the trees. (15 minutes).

Rainbow Walk

During the rainbow, we will indulge our senses in our surrounds by sitting, rolling and even taking off our shoes to feel the sensation of the earth beneath our feet. This is a grounding experience. (15 minutes).


Share something that represents you in nature and why you have chosen that object. Feel the link from the strength of the mighty oak tree, the flittering, carefree chickadee all the way to a unique individual stone. (15 minutes).

Nature Art

Participants will collect around 10-20 objects from nature to create a piece of art. The group will then go for a gallery walk to visit and view each other’s works of art. (30 minutes).

Fire & Learning Circle Time

During the learning circle, it is an occasion to join together around the fire to pass the talking stick to share what we have learned and enjoyed during the program. (30 minutes).

Hikes are 2.5 hours, 1 guide per every 20 people


Pricing, Per Person: (Based on a minimum of 5 paying clients or more)

Adult: 25.00

Senior: 20.00

Ages 13-17: 20.00

Ages 6-12: 10.00

Ages 5 and under: FREE

1-4 Participants in one party: 70.00 total for up to 4 people

Ask us about our group pricing and make it a group outing experience.


Contact us for availability, reservations and inquiries to:


Dress according to the weather and longer times spent in outside temperatures. Layers are recommend. Proper hiking footwear for the season is a must. Hats, mitts, gloves, scarf, snow pants, winter coat or parka, waterproof outer shell, etc.

Bring water, extra dry warm clothing, flashlight.


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* Cancellation Policy: Programs cancelled 48 hours prior to day of program will receive a full refund. Programs cancelled later than 48 hours are subject to forfeit 25% of payment. Programs cancelled on the day of the event are 100% non refundable. Programs cancelled by Grand River Outdoor Wilderness Education (G.R.O.W.E), due to weather, can be re-scheduled or fully refunded.

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