Voyage of the Iroquois

Voyage of the Iroquois is a remarkable aboriginal themed day trip on the Grand River by Voyageur Canoe. Launching from our docks on the Grand River in Paris, ON. you travel downstream in stable, comfortable 12-passenger voyager canoes, piloted by our expert guides. The final destination of your voyage is the Turtle Island campfire site of a First Nations Story-teller.

The Highway of the Iroquois. A Canadian Heritage River, the Grand is known for its rich Native history set in nature’s paradise. You travel piloted by our expert guides & find the River lined with rare Carolinian forest, home to a unique combination of northern and southern flora & fauna. One of Canada’s most biodiverse areas. Your Paddle Canada certified guide, trained in the river’s history & wildlife, will point out unique natural features such as cold springs plus wildlife such as bald eagles, osprey, blue herons, beavers & white-tailed deer.

Midway through your journey stop for a guided hike on the Trail of the White Cedars. It leads to a scenic lookout revealing the river basin stretching out before you as far as the eye can see. On the trail you will enter a diverse forest world with rare Carolinian species plus ancient and fragrant cedars, softwoods, rich loam, patches of sand, and a high arching canopy.

The final destination of your voyage is Turtle Island, a small isolated island featuring the untouched nature of the Carolinian forest, and a rare ancient hardwood amphitheater. You will be led through the island to the amphitheater, where you will receive a traditional aboriginal greeting by a First Nations Storyteller in full traditional regalia. Our Native storyteller has a quarter of a century of tourism experience and is a trained anthropologist with an extensive background in First Nations history. Watch and listen as he brings history to life with captivating First Nations Myths and Legends. Participate in a traditional native dance, and let him enthrall you with his mesmerizing flute playing, a haunting and beautiful tribute to a far off time.

Trip includes all paddling gear, an experienced & knowledgeable Voyageur guide, shuttle service between Paris & Brant Conservation Area



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