The Canadiana Safari… An Interpretive Guided River Adventure

Discover a floating classroom of experiences.

Explore the Grand Valley in a guided raft, canoe or kayak.

With each stroke of the paddle… learn about the plants & trees… Indigenous history… the huge variety of fish & wildlife.

Experience what you would miss… tastes of spring water and wild plants… try body-surfing a river… learn what poison ivy looks like. Do a hiking stop… see beyond the shoreline.

Our guides show the valley the way they would to their best friend… offering a rich day of taking everything in.

This is about a 4 hour day. Lunches can be ordered in advance… or bring your own..

For $150.00 you can add an interpretive guide to any of the following trip prices… 8-Person Raft $220 . Tandem Kayak $90 . Two Person Non-Tip Yak $90 . Canoe for Two $80Kayak $55.

All trip prices include boat, paddle, life-jacket, group dry bag, map, free parking and shuttle ride upstream. Please add HST.

Suggested for 12 years and up. (the rafts, yaks, tandem kayaks and canoes… will host younger children)

For other nearby amenities… check out local accommodations,  restaurants and other things to do.

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