Somerset Cider Sampler Special

The perfect sampler package to gift to a cider enthusiast!


  • 1x 250ml Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup
  • 1x 10oz Stemmed Glass
  • 1x 355ml can Frequin Rouge – 5.8%, Traditional Old World Cider
  • 1x 355ml can HD3, 6.7% – Heritage Apple Cider
  • 1x 355ml can IDA, 7% – Single Variety Idared Apple
  • 1x 355ml can Legend of the Fall – 6.9%, Spanish Style Sour Cider
  • 1x 473 ml can Heritage Dry- 6.5%- our Best selling Heritage Apple Cider
  • 1x 473 ml can Cherriosity- 6.5%- Niagara Montmorency Cherry and Apple Cider
  • 1x 750ml bottle Wentworth County – 6%, A Community Cider made with Wild and Foraged Apples
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* $65.00/package

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