Nith Forest Hiking Adventure

A real outdoor adventure, the forest along the Nith River is a wilder place. Here we teach wildlife exploration & survival skills. You experience how to navigate through the forest to not get lost, plus find and interpret animal tracks.

Explore the semi-wilderness landscape, experience building a lean-to shelter in the forest plus learn to build a campfire like a pro. You will work up an appetite on this adventure so we include a warm campfire lunch where we cook our famous Maple Chili and BBQ chicken over the open campfire. This in an interactive experience and if interested we can have your group play a game in teams based on orienteering (finding your way) in the forest with your guides, using GPS, maps & skills your guides will teach your group.

Pricing: Canadian Dollars

Hike – Guided Hike & Campfire Lunch: $45.95 per person

Applicable Taxes: 13% HST

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