Grand River Oneida Paddle – Intermediate Trip

The Glen Morris to Paris Route (formerly the Oneida) is a section of the Grand River that starts above the village of Glen Morris at the 1860 ruins of the Old Mill, ending at the old bridge abutments called the Three Sisters.

This route is rated intermediate because the water is more aggressive with about 1km of shallow rapids.

These shallow rapids require skill in navigating… so we do not recommend this route for beginners.

For beginners the Paris to Brant Park Route is a better choice.

The Glen Morris to Paris paddle is about 11 kms in length and takes normally 3 hours to do… but can be shorter or longer in time if river speed varies from normal.

At the end point, Grand River Rafting has a picnic area with washrooms… also this route has spring water and an island where you can go body surfing.


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* There are no stores along the paddling section of the river... so you need to bring your lunches & water with you.

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