Cook the Trout Survival Challenge

Route Length: 2 km 

Duration: 2-3 hours

Available: April-November… you can choose your own start time

Adventure Description:

This adventure starts with a 1 km guided walk learning wild edible plants and trees along the way. We arrive at the challenge area… try the fresh water springs… and then the contest begins.

  1. Each team is given a selection of wild edible plants, cooking utensils, a bag of rice and a trout.
  2. On the word “go”… each team has to build a fire, prepare the edibles, and cook the rice.
  3. Then they have to “gut” the trout and stuff it with the rice and wild edibles to do a “Master Chef” cook-off.
  4. After a set time… the judging guides evaluate each team based on food presentation, taste and efficiency of teamwork.
  5. Winner is announced… and then the teams devour their efforts!

Prices: $25 per person plus HST (minimum price $240 per group)

Prices Include:

  • Interpretive Hiking Guide
  • Safety Orientation Talk
  • All cooking utensils
  • Rice, spices, edibles, drinking water and trout
  • site user & washroom fee

Options Available:

  • Picnic site rental
  • Gas BBQ rentals
  • Meal Catering
  • Guest Speakers
  • Accommodations

How To Book: Because this is a customized program, you cannot book online. Please email us or call our office to arrange.e to arrange your school trip.

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