Downton Abbey Delight

Two days to … celebrate the past

Start your day at Hamilton’s Dundurn Castle National Historic Site, the magnificent 40-room estate of one of Canada’s first premiers. The castle has been furnished to compare the life of a prominent Victorian family with that of their servants.

Next, move on to Hamilton’s Whitehern Historic House and Garden, an outstanding example of a mid-19th century urban estate originally owned by a wealthy industrialist. 

Enjoy lunch at one of downtown Hamilton’s great cafes.

Make your way to Caledonia in time to enjoy a scenic Grand River Dinner Cruise.

Choose from one of Brantford’s hotels for your evening accommodation.

The next morning, start your day at the Bell Homestead National Historic Site, the site of one of the most important scientific breakthroughs in history, the telephone, taking in the collection of original Bell family furnishings and household items.

Then make a stop at Chiefswood National Historic Site, the mansion that Chief George H.M. Johnson built for his British bride in the 1850’s, which was also the birthplace of E. Pauline Johnson, the poet often regarded as the woman who opened the door for both First Nations and female writers in Canada.

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