Freshly Picked: Fall’s Best Day Trips

Crunching into a freshly picked apple. Exploring a new path through an old-growth forest. Kicking back on a country patio enjoying a pint of craft beer. This fall in Ontario is a perfect opportunity to discover the new adventures that await when we have the time to explore a little more. Our roundup of fresh fall day trip ideas makes it easier than ever to hit the road, find some fun and make some awesome autumn memories.

As the COVID-19 situation in Ontario continues to change, a minute or two of extra planning is an important step in ensuring hiccup-free fall adventures.

Follow the latest travel guidelines for the community you plan to visit.  ✔️ 

Check to see if reservations or activity bookings are required.  ✔️ 

Verify places are open and serving visitors in the way you’re expecting.  ✔️ 

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