Flycasting Lessons

Introduction to Fly Fishing and Casting 4 Hour on River Course

A Complete Introduction to Fly Fishing Have you ever dreamed of standing on the edge of a river, silently casting a hand tied fly to an unsuspecting fish? This course gives youth and adults a complete introduction to the fly fishing experience. Our goal is to simplify fly fishing techniques and demystify the sport as well as create a fun learning environment where all questions have merit. 

Outline of Course Material:

  • Introduction to fly fishing equipment: rods, reels, lines. 

  • Set up and Knots: backing line, fly line, leaders, tippets.

  • ​Casting Instruction and Technique: This will include basic techniques for, overhead casting, roll casting, and mending.

  • On River Instruction: focus on set ups and  fly presentation for dry fly, nymphing, streamer and swinging flies.

  • Basic Entomology, and Choosing a Fly Pattern: insect hatches, timing, life cycles, and when and why trout feed.

  • Reading the Water:  holding water, finding fish, and where to position your self for a cast.

  • Safety, Conservation and Etiquette.

  • Equipment Recommendations, and where to purchase.

Prices for the Five Hour Course with equipment included: 

Number of casters:    one caster    two casters    three to four casters

Cost per person.         $325.00        $170.00ea.      $120.00ea

*Lunch and Beverages are not included in above rates.

Have a large group, please email or call for quote.

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