Telling your kids to stay two metres apart from their friends is one thing. Enforcing that rule when they see friends they are missing is an entirely different challenge. One solution is to find an activity that families can enjoy together while being apart. Enter the Hamilton Halton Brant Stay & Play Family Scavenger Hunt.

Families who enjoy a little friendly competition will have a blast challenging another family to see which group can find all 20 items on the scavenger hunt list first. Pick a start time, set your ground rules, and when the clock starts, each family is on their own to work their way through the list. Checking in on each other’s progress with text messages and phone calls ups the fun factor and makes everyone feel more connected. Having each family take a picture of the items as they find them will help ensure no one is bending the rules. Depending on where you live, you may complete the hunt on foot or by car. Please remember to walk and drive safely.

The Hamilton Halton Brant Stay & Play Family Scavenger Hunt

Find and take a picture of each of the following items:

  • A statue or monument of a famous historical figure
  • Fresh produce that is either growing in a garden or for sale at an outdoor stand
  • A lake, river, stream or pond
  • A place where you want to go for ice cream later this summer
  • A place that is currently closed that you can’t wait to go to when it opens again
  • A hiking or biking trail
  • A red sports car
  • A fire truck
  • A place where you can go in the future to hear live music
  • A town clock or church bell (bonus point for video footage of the bell ringing on the hour)
  • A licence plate from another province or state
  • A “Welcome To (Town or City Name)” sign
  • A golf course
  • A sign for a street or road that begins with the letter H
  • A restaurant where you’ve eaten before
  • A restaurant that you haven’t been to yet but would like to go to in the future
  • A garden fountain or other kind of water feature
  • A baseball diamond
  • A Canada Post mailbox
  • Cows in a field
  • A house with a “For Sale” sign in the yard
  • A piece of outdoor art (check out our This Art Is Outside article for ideas)

Share photos of your Stay & Play Scavenger Hunt fun with us on social media by tagging your photos with #stayandplayinhhb. Stretch the fun out a little by longer by taking your hunt on the road to explore a new-to-you community on an overnight stay. Find great summer deals in our collection of Stay Tripping offers.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to change, a minute or two of extra planning is an important step in ensuring your Hamilton Halton Brant Scavenger Hunt is a success. Follow the latest travel guidelines for your community and any communities you plan to visit. Check with businesses and places you plan to go to ensure they are open and serving visitors in the way you’re expecting.

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