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Knockout nature. Canadian history and heritage. A vibrant arts and culture scene.  Awe-inspiring attractions. Fantastic festivals. Distinct downtowns. Explore Hamilton Halton Brant and discover something new.

Just a short drive from much of southern Ontario and upstate New York, Hamilton Halton Brant’s collection of communities makes an ideal getaway for those looking for an outdoor adventure or a cultural escape that’s close to home.

The Niagara Escarpment, Bruce Trail and Grand River wind their way through the Heart of Ontario, creating a stunning backdrop for outdoor adventure. Hamilton Halton Brant has also served as the stage for some of our country’s most important moments in history. No matter where your Hamilton Halton Brant journey takes you, you’re bound to be intrigued and entertained.

You’ll find all kinds of activities and adventures throughout Hamilton Halton Brant.

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Looking for ideas for an outdoor adventure that takes advantage of Hamilton Halton Brant’s great Canadian landscapes? Visit Our True Nature.