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Take a collection of some of Canada’s most iconic natural wonders, add a liberal dose of events and attractions and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect outdoor adventure. Imagine snowboarding down the Niagara Escarpment, hiking the Bruce Trail and kayaking the Grand River. The toughest part of your job may be deciding which adventure to choose. Luckily, the Fun Finder is here to help.

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  • Burlington Downtown Business Association

    Burlington Downtown situated on the most picturesque waterfront of Lake Ontario, features 400 businesses providing…

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  • Limehouse Kilns

    A visit to the Limehouse Kilns is an opportunity to experience the natural wonders of…

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  • Westfield Heritage Village

    Westfield Heritage Village is a stunning collection of over 30 historical buildings which has made…

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  • Glencairn Golf Club

    It’s been said that Glencairn is the closest you’ll come to Scotland without crossing the…

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  • La Primavera Farms

    La Primavera Farms is a third generation farm growing a wide assortment of beautiful cut…

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  • Conservation Halton

    Conservation Halton is the community based environmental agency that protects, restores and manages the natural…

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  • William Dam Seeds

    Throughout the years, we have tested the garden supplies that we sell. Many of them…

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  • Apollo Valley Golf Club

    Spring is here $12 for 9 Holes 2015 rates Par 3 golf Adult 9 Holes…

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  • Scotch Block Country Winery

    Scotch Block Winery is nestled in the area known as Scotch Block, just north of…

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  • Bronte Creek Provincial Park

    Bronte Creek Provincial Park offer visitors a variety of recreational experiences year round! Campground off…

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